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The Eye of the Lynx by David Freeberg
"The mystery and secrets of Galileo and his friends"

Tapestry in the Renaissance by Thomas P. Campbell, et al
"16th Century Royals decorated their walls with tapestries designed by artists of the period"

Reflections and Shadows by Sol Stienberg
"Gemlike glimpse into the life of New Yorker cover artist"

American Sublime by Andrew Wilton, et al
"Gorgeously illustrated history of 19th Century landscape painting"

Gustav Klimt: Landscapes by Gustav Klimt, et al
"The seductive views are utopian in spirit"

Degas and Dance by Jill De Vonyar, et al
"The secret drama in the wings"

Other Animals by Merce Cunningham
"In any free moment, look about and draw"

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The Invisible Art by Mark Cotta Vaz, et al
"Some of the most memorable settings inHollywood films."

The Dawn of the Floating World, 1650-1765 by Timothy Clark, et al
"singing songs, drinking wine and diverting ourselves just in floating, floating . . ."

Secret Knowledge by David Hockney
"Hockney takes on the role of the dectective and stuns the art world."

Devices of Wonder by Barbara Stafford
"how media machines . . .constrain what it is possible to see . . ."

Thomas Eakins by Darrel Sewell
"hauntingly beautiful pastoral paintings & portraits."

Vermeer and the Delft School by Walter Leadtke, et al.
"reveals the riches of a 17th-century Dutch town."

Andy Warhol: Photography by Andy Warhol
"original photographs used as source material for many of his silkscreens."

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The Ultimate Picasso by Brigitte Leal
"his personality, the women in his life, and his awareness of other artists."

Caravaggio by John Spike
"nearly every extant work is reproduced in color."

Leonardo Da Vinci by Pietro C. Marani
"The history and significance of all the artist's known paintings."

Michaelangelo: The Vatican Frescoes by Pierluigi De Vecchi
"restoration of Sistine Chapel frescoes stir up controversy."

Sandro Botticelli:Life and Works by Ronald Lightbrown
"New fresh illustrations of works that have been cleaned in the past decade."

Raphael: The Paintings by Konrad Oberhuber
"examines the historical, cultural and artistic currents which influenced the artist."

Titian by Filippo Pedrocco
"many old questions of settled and a few new ones raised."