Table of Contents
Day Without Art
30th Anniversary Special Edition
December 1, 2019

Devaluation Gary Beck
chosen Sharon Coleman
In the Best AIDS Poem Steven Cordova
Artist, decimated. Natasha Dennerstein
To the Poet Whose Lover Has Died of AIDS Kenny Fries
The Sickness John Grey
Letting go Hayes Handler
Plan Be- Doth Thou Protest Too Much? Thomas A. E. Hesketh
Not someone that I knew Walter Holland
Hospital Walter Holland
collapse *glorious* *glo* Sara McAulay
Journeys Through the Fog & Salty Sea and Those Last Exit Wounds Hadrian Shawn Miguel
Me and You Peggy Morrison
S/erotica Gerard Sarnat
Each September Alan R. Slotkin
Fullness F. Cade Swanson
Sunken Anne F. Walker
A Quilt with Riley's name sewn in (I tell Jamil at night when he asks) Anne F. Walker
For William Dickey's Desk Lenore Weiss

Deceased Humor (a spit from the grave) D.S. Black
In the Province of the Gods Kenny Fries
I Know, You Know B.C. Kalz
Bryan Fran Mills
Until There's a Cure Miranda Recht
For Captain Paul Joani Reese
1991-1992 Work in the Heart of AIDS; Beginning of the Babes Network; He Stays Julene Tripp Weaver

Clean Norman Belanger
As If Norman Belanger
Second Puberty F. Cade Swanson

1984 DC Diamondopolous