Journeys Through The Fog & Salty Sea and Those Last Exit Wounds
Hadrian Shawn Miguel

                 (For Henry Joel Martinez)

A dark starry night out on the streets of the City of Angels
Transported me to a gathering at an old abandoned house where you lived
A teenage dream brought excitement and a meteor that lasted a lifetime
The rush of your spinning tornado traveled north
The fog of a cold evening mixed with the gust of ocean air
Delivered a spirited storm to San Francisco
When you blew down the steps and left us all unsteady
A new union generated at a patio café table on Castro Street

Furious and fast we began, movies & music, browning on beaches
Stomping our feet and parading in the streets
The soundtrack to our lives through song, vacays & stay-cations
Breezing through boys we enchanted and kissed
Covert operations at the edge of night & looking for love in all the wrong places
The spritely guys we chased after, all the men we loved and traded
For those we pushed past and fought who tested our loyalty & unwavering trust
Glory in the stories told and secrets kept and unveiled
A short stint blazing trails with flights on an invisible jet
Our special world of new sisters we fostered & adored

Brothers united in youth baptized in the river & firewater of dreams
Through the missteps, all the falls along the way as we welcomed the first wrinkles
Those strands of gray mixed with jet black we embraced the silver fox
I will never forget you, all the long days and even longer nights spent
All the moves across and around the country, the morning dew of Seattle
The piping hot, humid ways of Miami through Wilton Manors
The great miles we covered and bumpy roads in the pavement
We cruised, crushed and flattened roadways with wonder Cocteau twin powers
The fights and times away that always brought us back together
When I needed the fog and you needed the salty sea to remind us what matters most

Music and dance were the krazy glue that held us together

You have been a fearless fighter as I live to tell hung up on a night like this
Wounded & betrayed by your body to shake the disease with a heart straight on in too deep
Waiting for the day praying for time with cowboys & angels and everything she wants
My heart goes bang as you make me feel mighty real
With a brave shining light to express yourself into the groove
As sunset approaches in this cities of dust keep it together deeper and deeper
Like a prayer a new paradise & power of clear sunny skies awaits you true blue
Take a bow in the ray of light & coastal fog as tears run rings causing a commotion
A lucky star shining down and smiling back at me in between days

As I fade into you enjoy the silence, and spread pixie ziggy stardust on the black planet
My monkey gone to heaven with this mortal coil & dress you up in lucretia my reflection
Strangelove, these pictures of you are close to me isn't it nice sugar & spice
And just like heaven the dead can dance disco heat on fascination street
Our sisters of mercy standing on the beach spellbound with last exit wounds
Some great reward that love is stronger than death my hairdresser on fire

Til we meet, play, be you and your sister & brothers again in this happy house
With lips like sugar a careless whisper to this charming man, I say hello, wave goodbye
Memorabilia from our non-stop erotic cabaret and misty circles
The sophisticated boom boom to bring on the dancing horses with the killing moon
Much love from the black gold of the sun for you my valiant ocean rain