Since December 1, 1989, Day Without Art writers have responded to AIDS as witnesses.
They express the sentiments of their community and communicate its suffering in a tangible form of action and mourning.

December 1, 2018

Fine Tuning the Chill , John Gilgun (1996)
Ula danced a yambu, Peggy Morrison (2015)

Reading the News (Dream Journal), Leila Rae (1998)
From the Archieves (1989--2018)

Friendy Strangers, Janell Moon (2015)
Me and You, Peggy Morrison (2015)
epilogue, Leila Rae (2015)

Sea Glass, Leila Rae (2014)

World AIDS Awareness Day, Leila Rae (2003)
Michael, My Brother, Anthony Adrian Pino (2003)
David B. Feinberg, ACT UP demo May 21, 1990, Jim Provenzano (2003)
Jue Ju, Leila Rae (2003)
Wingsong, Andrew Ramer (2003)
Postcards To The Dead, Steven Reigns (2003)
Photos of Mars, Steven Reigns (2003)
Counting, Bara Swain (2003)
Birds of Paradise, Violet Goulding (2002)
On First Meeting, Peter Harris (2002)
Quality Gardening, Leila Rae (2002)

Teeth Like Tigers Violet Goulding (2001)
Ghost Gallery, Sara McAulay (2001)
Symposium, Christopher Mulrooney (2001)
Saltpoint at Mid-Night Leila Rae (2001)
Husband? Wife! Bara Swain (2001)
The Promise Bara Swain (2000)
Underpinnings, Lola Chavelak & Aaron Jason (2000)
Dragonfly, Leila Rae (2000)
Reading the News (Dream Journal), Leila Rae (1998)
Sara Coma, Aaron Jason (1997)
Dancer, Sara McAulay (1997)
The Presence Of Your Absence, Doug Tanoury (1997)
Sho, Dedan-Jah (1997)
Del, Brenda Carter (1996)
Fine Tuning the Chill , John Gilgun (1996)
The Waste, Jana Halter (1996)
Some Drag Queens I've Known: An Epitaph, Aaron Jason (1996)
The Last Time I Saw Him, Sara McAulay (1996)

Death Plays Pool Leila Rae (1995)
Codes and Marks, Leila Rae (1994)
White Horse Laughing Leila Rae (1992)
The Plum Tree Leila Rae (1991)
Death Leila Rae (1990)