Time passes, and the trees continue to fall.

If President Clinton signs the current interior appropriations bill before him, expect much more of the same. The political battles are being lost right and left. I've attached a notice from the Headwaters forest newslist about plans for turning to Spirit in this battle. Perhaps we could all do whatever possible on Jan 15 to bring protection to the ancient redwoods.


There is something about an ancient redwood forest of 300-foot-tall, 2,000-year-old trees that inspires awestruck tones of reverence, and comparisons to cathedrals and sanctuaries. It is the strong spiritual resonance of this rare ecosystem, a living link to the age of the dinosaurs, that is moving congregations of all faiths to get involved in the struggle to save Headwaters Forest.
The Prayer for the Redwoods is an opportunity for the faith community to come together to speak up for this magnificent part of God's creation. Clergy-led prayers and statements urging the permanent preservation of the forest will take place at noon on Wednesday, January 15, in downtown plazas and parks in at least a dozen northern California cities. Churches, temples, and mosques across northern California will be sponsoring this public day of prayer.
To spread the word to your congregation or to help with organizing in your city, please contact the Headwaters Sanctuary Project at 510-444-4710, or email susans@nextgeneration.org