The girl waited in the summer sun. Whirlwinds swirled around her, settling dust on her sweet moist skin. Tear lines collected the dust and turned it into a muddy mask. The red clay earth baked hard under the hot sun. She wrote her secret name on the dusty ground and then spat on each glyph. Her fingers swirled the spit into the glyph, making tiny red clay balls. She placed a ball in her mouth and chews slowly. A red dust storm rose in the west and lingered in the foothills. She turned burnt-sugar brown in the sun.
Standing against the screen door, Lillian's eyes linger on the girl. Her hand presses hard over the rusted mesh screen. Her fingers caressed the sharp metal, stopping here and there to pick and pry at a piece of the rust. A piece broke away and she absentmindedly placed it in her mouth. She winced at the bitter taste; but, enjoyed the hard sensation against her tongue.
William leaned back in his chair, carefully balanced on its back legs. "Why don't you come over here, Sugar-plum." A low whistle came through his lips as he said, "There's nothing out there but dust and sage brush."
The girl formed a pyramid with the remaining balls unaware that a diamond back slithered across the ground toward shade.

101: One Zero One