The Red October

The follow interview appeared in FilmStar magazine, issue 8.
The interview was conducted in the Cal-Neva Casino in Reno, Neveda during the hectic filming schedule of The Red October.

How's the shooting going? The

It's been insane, Carol just arrived 20 minutes ago from her concert tour. We are way behind schedule. One of the crew got stranded out at Pyramid Lake and almost died from dehydration. It's a mess.The

How was it working with Carol?The

We have an agreeable experience, and the camera loves her.The

I hear this is the second time you worked with Carol, that's kind of unusual for you?

Normally, I don't like to work with actors for the second time but the last time I work with her, I didn't have the right material for her, and I found her extremely fascinating. So I wanted to work with her again with the right material..........Carol is not a classic method actress, she is a natural.

I heard that initially the movie was going to deal with Christianity and was based on Pasolini's The Passion of St. Matthew, what happen?

Actually, I changed my mind right after I started shooting the movie and I had to rewrite my script. Besides, the age of Christ is over and no one belives the myth of Christ anymore. Anyway, no one is going to see a film on the life of a christian saint these day.......... now, audiences perfer movies with boys and big guns...... After Pasolini, there is no need to make a film on Christianity anymore.

Are you a believer? And, what is your religious background?

I am not a believer. ButI think I am a religious person.....not particular in any religous. I guess I don't have...what you called it.......the leap of fate. I grew up in Hong Kong and I went to a Protestant school till I moved to the states, and I have to admit I was very fond of sunday school. And I love the biblical stories.

How did you get interested in films or moving pictures ?

I only started making movies few years ago, but when I was a teenager in high school I used to play hooky, so I could spend all days in the cinema. Back then, movies were cheap, you can see a couple of movies for a buck.

What kind of movies were you watching then?

Early Hong Kong action movies, European films, and Blaxploitation movies.

What was some of your memorable movie experiences?

The movie Texas Chainsaw Messacre scared the day light out of me..........the humility of early Satyajit Ray's film..........the cinematic language of some of Godard and Fassbinder films, and Solaris, by Tarkovsky, is properly the best film about the relationship between men and his technology.

So is Reno treating you well? Are you sorry you chose the career of moviemaking?

I love Reno, its one of my favorite spots in the world. It's one of the last places where you can fullfill the American dream. No, movies are magical, it can make you rich and famous very fast. But, I have to admit it may have ruin my life.

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