Green Bridge,
over the Ell River
Station 11

lunch at the green bridge peanutbutter
and jelly stale bread from Ramon's pack
beneath us the Ell River a dull steel grey

crossing the bridge the sisters from the reservation
drunk smiling waving stopping to gossip telling us
their stories their secrets we listen believing

--I fight hard in a bar. Kill a man, bad man.
No good. He hurt my mother. In jail eight years.
I found God with the evangelists. Sister too.

overhead circling in a low arch slowly
a bird of prey ready to swoop ready to devour
flesh eater hawk buzzard Covale turkey

--Now, my sister 'n me become Full Gospel
Shakers. Not legal for years, but we don't care.
We sing, we testify, we don't use a bible.

Jct. 101-162--station 12
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