Station 15

tired more tired than is safe or smart
the union empty of students fills quickly
welcomes the homeless the unwanted

--You stay here, watch our packs.
I gotta look for Jose. I'll ask on the
street, maybe we can stay with him.

wait don't move wait dizzy from the cycle
ungrounded listen to my neighbor's talk
with her invisible friend not knowing caring

--Damn. He checked out of his motel
next to the flower shop; but, if you want,
we can sleep with the Jesus Freaks.

will they want us will they want us to sing
to sing before breakfast to sing on the street
to give testamony about God's saving grace

--Another possibility. I asked on the street,
if we go down 3/4 of a mile to the Rat Maze,
it's student housing we can stay there.

The Rat Maze--station 16
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