Moon Lake
Station 19

The driver of a U-Haul offers a ride
the first      in three hours
 out of despair,    reluctant,      we accept

	--You have to ride in the  back
	We're going as far as Burney
	You can ride all the way

dark company emerges as three
lumps then as my eyes adjust to darkness
shadows          transform       into bodies

stretched out near the back wall a woman 
weary from ninth month pregnancy stirs, 
turns over, calls out "Joseph, you there?"

two men stand against the side walls
one answers, "Yes, go back to sleep."
speaking a language sweet with comfort

the truck stops and the driver ties down 
the back locking us into the darkness
before we bump  joggle speed through

Trinity Alps         crossing I-5 on to our
next stop           Blackbird Singing         Ramon's voice  
from somewhere, a strange voice whispers, 

do I really want to go  to Burney, 
My desire is unimportant, I have no choice
once on the road, the journey must be completed

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