6th and University
Station 2

--Never a long wait here,
but, you better get comfortable,
fix your sox and shoes.

cars pass us I try to sense the ride
the rhythm feel the pulse of traffic
cars drifting out from the backwater

surging toward the on-ramp
pulled north by a giant magnet
into the flow endlessly, endlessly

--Hello, I can take you to Salem,
up 101, but gotta make a small stop--2 weeks
at Mt. Shasta to see my kids.

--Shasta? Too far to go. We're
headed for Middle Way. How about
across the bridge to San Rafael?

Funky bus converted gypsy wagon
a ragged hole punched through the top
hums in the wind like a juice harp

--We'll get out here. Lots of snow
up at Shasta, watch out for ice
and keep on truckin'

San Rafael--Station 3
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