Burney south
Station 21

clear      clear air bright          in earthÍs endless turning
a battered truck stops      we squeeze into      front seat 
pushing aside    broken radio wires       dangling from ceiling

--Get in       I need company      been drunk  five days
gonna make it six     Saddest day of my life   
a year  ago      my daughter died         on this road

no fear        just peace           calm in the earthÍs beauty 

--Grizzly Bear      to          Wuk Wuk
IÍm a half-breed           Grizzly Bear to Wuk Wuk
HeÍs my cousin     donÍt want to talk with me

--let me drive  weÍre skidding
pull it to the left,          thatÍs right, 
stop,        Lulu         slide over

stopped      short of the ditch         not quite off the road  
safe       now       Ramon drives  us out of the snow 
toward Redding           Grizzly Bear sleeps   

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