Station 23

A V-W van broken Montana plates  plastic flowers 
stuck behind rearview mirror     three cowboys   
back   from Hayfork rodeo         going onto Marysville

throw your packs     back there on the saddles   
the seats came out       to carry our stuff
stretch out on the floor  next to the foodbox   

Been on the road     a couple of days    lots of 
rain   and last night snow      weÍre both 
plenty          tired and broke          IÍm Ramon

eat with us            you broke          we got some 
money       enough for coffee and fries 
WeÍll stop here            I know the waitress  

yes, I think, food     none            since last night
so hungry        anything      anyplace will do
say             yes            Ramon

 CanÍt     ItÍs gettinÍ    nighttime      dark      
We gotta move on    CanÍt stop, but thanks   
need          to move on       south
An apple from the foodbox tempts me

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