North of Red Bluff
Station 24

Another van    stops    a      beauty   decked
like a gypsy wagon     bed          stove     bookrack
 in the back     plush swivel seats    up front

--IÍm Big Ed  this ainÍt safe country
for a couple      travelinÍ               at night 
I can take you a little way south  

--Lulu     this is Ed

--No         get it right       IÍm Big Ed    
320 lbs big   Graphologist      read 
handwriting          jot it down I  read you

Unnerved          I hide my journal             roadside sleep      
appeals    but fear fights sleep    thoughts of safety   

you can stay at my house      for the night

--Sounds good, but, time to move on
going to Big Sur  gotta be there tomorrow 

Big Sur?              plan           or         ruse

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