Red Bluff
Station 25

An American-valley face, 
puffed to surround pale-blue slits,
head stuck out the window shouts hatred

--weÍll be back to beat you up,
creeps           hippies          weirdoes
go back to Berkeley where you belong

Rain-wet again             but mostly afraid,           
 afraid      they will come back                    a ride 
to anywhere   Chico    Corning    Willows 

--Hi, IÍm Charleen and this is Michael,
get in.  WeÍre  heading south.
You look cold.  W ant a cigarette?

--IÍm Ramon   not a very friendly town 
You live around here      no   
                             do you mind if I sing?

--Michael pull in over there.
Yeah.  At BettyÍs Dinner.
You want coffee, weÍll buy?

But, no, we gotta keep on movinÍ.

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