The Geyser
Station 27

Asleep atop picnic table         sheltered 
       in a circle of sweet smelling eucalyptus,
my body warm from the sun rising above the circle

We═re near the geyser
Sort of like Old Faithful
Let═s watch her spout

on my mind    always     eating food     my next meal
at the entrance  diverting my attention    a fruitstand 
offers       fresh-sweezed  orange juice        only $1

We come  every year     on our anniversary
just      Gloria and me       got married in ´43
stayed two days      missed ´44 & ´45

markings & codes      beginnings    endings
 binding of one firmly in allegiance 
a covenant         true         loyal          constant

You heading south?  LuLu and me 
could use a lift       
however far you═re going

in the center      the geyser      fulfills its promise

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