The Middle Way
Station 8

rain slackens into mist puddles in blacktop dips
a dark sky breaks apart revealing bright stars
guide to lost souls through the wilderness

-- I'm walking on ahead. Don't worry about
the dog. Stay in the middle of the road.
You'll be ok; but, I need to piss.

fear and dread shall fall upon them Exodus
fear pain a state of alarm some impending danger
closer a dog barks move to the center the road shimmers

spots whirl around me disappear into darkness
the road rises in long luminescent ribbons
dry mouth tastes only fear the flavor terrible

light skips off the road to bound through and
disappear around a bend overhead a watery arch hovers
dreadful drum beat increases the sound is me

Nothing's open at the cafe. It's locked tight.
We passed a campground. Back where the trucks
are parked under the arch. We'll sleep there.

follow the road follow the road to the camp
to the two trucks flat a roaring sound me
or the river soggy ground but look at the moon

Middleway Post Office--Station 9
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