Elvis Sightings in Kansas

Elvis Spotted in Russell Shopping Mall

I didn't see him myself, but Bob did. Now, if there is one person in Russell you can believe, it's Bob. You can count on him. Him and his missus. So, Bob tells me, he was out at the Mall, you know the big one east of town. And there was Elvis leaving the "Pig in the Blanket," just as cool as you please. Had a couple bags of carryout.

Ray Harris,
Russell, Kansas

Ground Level

It was him. I know it was. He was on the Fox Building elevator in Wichita with me. At first, I wasn't sure. He was a hundred pounds lighter, had grey hair, and was shorter than I remembered. But, when we were getting off the elevator, he said, "After you, ma'm." My heart felt like I was still in the elevator. Now, I ask you, who could mistake that feeling?

MaryLou Wainwright,
Wichita, Kansas

Gassed Up

It was so cool!!! My best friend Cindy and I were going up to Topeka for a concert. We'd borrowed Cindy's mom's car. Well, we stopped at the gas station just outside of Topeka so we could use the little girl's room. When we came back to our car, there was this big old powder blue Cadilac parked next to the pumps. And the windows all tinted black so we couldn't see in. We were walking around the back to get a good look, when one of the windows opened about two inches. All we could see were the eyes, but that was enough. It was Elvis.

Dotti Patterson,
Emporia, Kansas

Flat Tire

He was different cause he was nicer than most people. Whether or not it really was Elvis, he was certainly very nice. This was in Lawrence about a week ago and me an my girlfriend had a flat tire and a man what looked like the king came and helped us. We really weren't impressed by his celebrity status because we were fighting and it was raining and the fucking tire blew.

rat fink,
Lawrence, Kansas
email = fieni@uclink4.berkeley.edu

Camping Out With Kenny

I saw Elvis in Rexton N.B Canada when he was hitck-hiking. My friends and I picked him up and he slept in a tent at the villages campground with Kenny Rogers.
north of Kansas
email = nyre@hotmail.com

Pool Hall Encounter

I still can't believe it!? There he was, sipping a beer at Stanley's Bait Shack in Stanley, Kansas. I think he was in the area for the World of Wheels Car Show (but that was in Missouri, so never mind). It had to have been him, although he did have those cool shades on . . . when he left, he smiled at us and winked. If we hadn't been in the middle of our pool game, we'd have followed him out!
Stanley, Kansas

Sauna Parlour Chaos

I happened to be passing the sauna palour when women started screaming and yelling. Thinking some action is about to happen I paused, only to see The King in 501's and White shirt rush out the door into a waiting car with 3 half naked babes following.
email = davemca@usa.net

On The Road Again!!!

I saw Elvis in Kansas while driving cross country. It was summertime, very hot, and my girlfriend was only wearing a bra as we were driving on the highway. An 18 wheeler passed us and by god, it was Elvis driving the rig. He looked down on us and said, "Hey, I can see you girl's nipples."
Michael D.
email = mdm@rocketmail.com

Monster Shades

This may not qualify exactly, but I was at the Davis Brothers truck stop on I-65 in southern Indiana last week, when a large customized motorhome pulled up to the pumps. I had just finished topping off my truck, and was about to leave, but this rig was way too cool. After much lurching about the lot, the motorhome stops by the deisel pump, and a large guy with slicked-back grey and black hair stumbles out. The sun hit his eyes fiercely, and he quickly put on some monster shades, looked around, and said "We're not in Kansas anymore...huh!"
email = phil_slates@hp.com
name = Phil Slates

The Hunt


If you happen to see "The King" someplace in Kansas (this is a Kansas only sighting page), please post it. I will include it on this page and note it on the map. I also welcome all photos you may want to send. Thanks, Leila Rae

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