Who wrote
The Only Girl in the Game
The Killer
Murder for the Bride
The Tiger's Wife
Dead Low Tide
Hell Hath No Fury
Nothing in Her Way
Man on the Run
I Came to Kill
The Snatchers
Little Sister
Savage Bride
Wolf Cop
Go Home, Stranger
Running Target
Coffin for a Hood
South of the Sun
Web of Murder
Fires That Destroy
Brute in Brass
13 French Street
Stolen Woman
Devil May Care
The Don is Dead
Terror Over London
Benny Muscles In
Murder on the Wild Side
Find the Don's Daughter
Whom Gods Destroy
The Brass Cupcake
A Touch of Death
The Fast Buck
Nice Guys Finish Dead
Steal Big
One Fearful Yellow Eye
Long Teeth
Hell's Our Destination
Bright Orange for the Shroud
Driscoll's Diamonds
No Way to Treat a Lady
Hard to Kill
Who Has Janice Gantry?
Soft Touch
The Thief Who Couldn't Sleep
Weep for Me
The Big Guy
Hell Strip
The Beautiful and Dead
One Monday We Killed Them All
Death of a Citizen
Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper

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