Entry 101 (Zero)
not one, not a one, not any, nary a one, not a, never a; not a whit of, not an iota of, not a drop of, not a speck of, not a jot; not a trace of, not a hint of, not a smidgen of, not a suspicion of, not a shadow of, neither hide nor hair of.

nothing, naught, nil, null, nul, nullity, cipher, no one, nobody void; never a one, ne'er a one; no such thing, none in the world; nothing whatever, nothing at all, nothing on earth; not a particle (smallness); all talk, moonshine, stuff and nonsense; matter of no importance, matter of no consequence, thing of naught, man of straw; nominis umbra, nonentity; flash in the pan, vox et praeterea nihil; goose egg; none; nichts, nixie, nix; zilch, zip, zippo ; not a soul; ame qui vive; absence.

shadow; phantom fallacy of vision; dream, imagination; ignis fatuus (luminary) "such stuff as dreams are made of" [Tempest]; air, thin air, vapor; bubble; "baseless fabric of a vision" [Tempest]; mockery, hollowness, blank; inanity, fool's paradise, vanish, evaporate, fade, dissolve, melt away; disappear.

unsubstantial; baseless, groundless; ungrounded; withoutfoundation, having no foundation, visionary imaginary ; immaterial; spectral; dreamy; shadowy; ethereal, airy; cloud built, cloud formed; gossamery, illusory, insubstantial, unreal, vacant, vacuous; empty ; eviscerated; blank, hollow; nominal; inane.