101: One Zero One is a magazine which uses the rhizome, a non-hierarchical organic system, as its central organizing element. The magazine provides a venue for my writing and is my Master of Arts in English, Creative Writing Thesis at CSU Hayward in Hayward, CA. In addition to fulfilling the requirements for the M.A. Degree, the magazine also provides space for participating projects with other writers, artists, and filmmakers.

From beginning to end, the magazine will take 8.5 years to produce. In every way, this is, of course, an arbitrary period of time. This is how I determined the time frame. When considering versioning rather than issues, I had to decide when new versions occur. Since nothing is deleted, merely expanded, corrected, or changed, I decided to save a copy once a month starting October 1, 1996 and call that a version. 101 versions later takes us to February 1, 2004 and the last of 101: One Zero One.

One other question you might ask: how do I read 101: One Zero One? The more appropriate question might be: where do I begin to read the magazine? The following notes are the closest thing you will ever get to a comprehensive index. So, start anywhere. Sometimes, you will dead end or sometimes you will try toleap a gap too wide, but sometimes you will connect and 101: One Zero One will breakaway, separate, and be yours.

Here are some of the literary theorists I'm interesed in: Derrida, Barthes, Iser, Guatarri & Deleuze)

A Thousand and One Nights orThe Arabian Nights Entertainments.
( a collection of ancient Persian-Indian-Arabian tales, arranged in its present form about 1450.) Scheherazade postpones her execution by telling her husband a story night after night, without revealing the climax until the following day: the never-ending tale.

Death. A look into the face of AIDS as remembered on A Day Without Art.

Room 101 from George Orwell's 1984. The room is in the 'Ministry of Love' and one must confront ones worst fear. If we submit, (and in the book even the most strong willed break) we lose our identity and are eventually 'vaporized.'

North and South on Highway 101. Almost all of my travel runs north and south rather than east and west (as a child in the 30s, traveling up and down the valley working the crops; as an actor in the 60s, traveling north to Canada with a political theater company; as a 70s seacher, going on spiritual quests. Usually, I traveled on 101 which starts in San Diego and winds its way north into Washington State. Then it loops around the Olympic peninsula to end in Olympia where my family quit its migratory journey.

101 Hollywood Blvd. Here, film, interviews, the making of illusion take center stage before they disappear onto the margins.

Dreams. Dreaming the World and the Headwaters Forest, Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland, Didjeridu: Wise Women and Creation Stories.

Surveillance. 101 ways to watch, to look, to gaze. Motives, opportunity, desire all play their part in the mystery.

Everything that goes into a computer and the net must first be changed into a series of ones and zeros.

For some examples, other than my site, I have included a selected list of links from the "The Electronic Labyrinth" which is an excellent resource to anyone interested in hypertext.

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intriguing, in some way too "barroque". shadows are good for crying souls. surprise is sometimes a very unkindly theme involving you in something that maybe is not wanted...
email = lavoten@ibm.net
name = arieh gal

mind opening
email = lwalter@silk.net
name = Cara

I am interested in submitting a work of fiction to your magazine. Please send me your submissions guidelines. Thank you for your time and effort.
email = kuglercl@cougarnet.byu.edu
name = Chris Kugler

I don't accept unsolicited stories for 101. However,
I also edit Doorknobs & BodyPaint
an e-zine which only publishes stories under
450 words. Take a look. If you have something
that might fit into an issue, send it to us. The
URL is: http://www.iceflow.com/doorknobs/DB.html.
I have recently written an article analyzing L'Age d'or in Freudian terms, and I am looking to get it published. Are you interested in recieving a copy, and if so, where shall I send/email it? Thanks for your time-Ramona
email = grenier@scf.usc.edu
name = Ramona Grenier

This wouldn't be appropriate for 101. However,
you might send an inquiry to pluriaxial .
I don't have their e-mail, but here is the
email =
name = john mclean

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