is an illustrated introduction to Jacques Derrida, demiurge of deconstruction. Think Cliff Notes with cartoons. Written by Jim Powell, with cartoons by Van Howell, it is the clearest explanation of Derrida and deconstruction presently available in our solar system. Powell guides the reader through blindingly obscure texts like OF GRAMMATOLOGY (Derrida's deconstruction of Saussure, Levi Strauss, Rousseau), "Differance" (his essay on language and life), "Dissemination" (his dismantling of Plato, his rap on Mallarme), and Derrida's other masterpieces (the mere titles can make strong men tremble in terror--GLAS, SIGNEPONGE/SIGNSPONGE, THE POST CARD, THE TRUTH IN PAINTING and SPECTERS OF MARX.

The book is reportedly flying off the shelves, especially in New York where Derrida, between trips to India, is lecturing to the befuddled masses at SUNY. The befuddled masses have been flocking to Shakespeare and Company and other little intellectualist bookshops flanking the university, to get a good beginners fix on Derrida. Word has it that the demiurge, himself, recently went in and bought a copy.

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