Issue 13 summer 2008

Sofa by Christopher Novak

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Excerpts from Baggage:
       Susanna's Version
       Lynn's Version

Contributing Writers

Joseph Guderian:

Charlotte Sáenz:
          Shadow, the Lifter of Moons
          Sombra, el levantador de lunas

Lynn Strongin:
          Water Boy
          In Hiding

Doug Mathewson:
          Ekphrastic Riff

Rafael Jesús González:
          Lune du mal (In English)
          Lune du mal(En Español)
          Notes for a Letter Begun in New York
          Notas para una carta empezada en Nueva York

Kurt Steinwand:
          The Man Who Never Spoke
          City, Midnight

Brenda Simmons:
          Primavera Lejos Del Mar

Sandy Vrooman:
          Doña Quixote

Christopher Barnes:


Christopher Novak:   Sofa

Cissy said to excuse her would he mind please telling her what was the right time and Gerty could see him taking out his watch, listening to it and looking up and clearing his throat and he said he was very sorry his watch was stopped but he thought it must be after eight because the sun was set. His voice had a cultured ring in it and though he spoke in measured accents there was a suspicion of a quiver in the mellow tones. Cissy said thanks and came back with her tongue out and said uncle said his waterworks were out of order.
                                 JAMES JOYCE, Ulysses, p. 296, 13/544-551

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