The night was clear; the rustling of fallen leaves shifting under the hurried sneakers of Amanda Green pierced the growing silence of what would soon change the town of Misty Cove forever. Miss Green was your average student, doing better than most, while maintaining the image of a career procrastinator. This night, “The Night” as referred to by most of the students of this North Eastern college town, commemorated the return of one of the most rumored urban legends the school had known. With winter rapidly approaching, the nights getting darker, the chatter of uncertain fate amongst friends grew exponentially. As Miss Green fled through the downed branches and leaves from the now slumbering forest, the shadows fused with the ominous vegetation surrounding her. Panicked she looked over her shoulders, trying to catch a glimpse of her assailant. The obscure, ghostly, figure of a man glided unnaturally from tree to tree. She stopped, momentarily, to catch her breath as she watched intently for her stalker’s approach. She turned, with a gasp, and was stopped with a thud as she ran into a large object. It threw her off her feet, startling her beyond what anxiety she was currently experiencing. This object, this obstacle, seemed to have grown out of the ground itself. She fought back up to her feet, only to find herself back there once more. She screamed, and cried, only to find her echoing laments returning alone.  

It was quick, they said, although it had been told many different ways. “She never should’ve stopped” students said, “Just like the movies”. The way the story goes, she stopped to catch her breath, and didn’t hear it coming. The crisp air had taken the breath right out of her, and mixed with adrenaline, she was as good as deaf. She didn’t see the tree rise up out of the ground. It grabbed her through the ground, dragging her downward with its deep reaching roots. The ground dissolved like quicksand, slowly swallowing up whoever intruded on its territory. The panic warming over her face was evident as she continued screaming for her life, screaming in hopes that someone would help. Most of her body was submerged under the hungry terrain, leaving only her neck and head. The top soil pulsed from her desperately pleading lips as she gasped for air. With her last breaths, her hand dug deep into the earth as she was pulled to her awaiting grave.  She became one with the earth on this cold arduous night, taken from her life of normalcy for reasons beyond what we could possibly conceive. Although it is still being investigated as a disappearance and murder, no one ever thought that this legend could be true. The woods had claimed the lives of students since the college first opened, and all the people of this town knew that when winter approached, the forest always grew. The legend says that on the clearest and calmest night you can still hear the screaming of those who entered and lost their way, warning all who enter to walk quickly, and watch their step, because you never knew who you might run into.

Grant Lahaie: , age 24, is a film maker from Fort Worth, Texas. He has been a working screenwriter for six years. With several projects already under his belt, he is working towards establishing himself further as a valued producer and director. He has several feature films slated for production in the following year. His passion for film and storytelling makes him a very visual writer, able to easily bring the reader into his world. While continuing to pursue his career as a filmmaker and a screenwriter, Grant has recently started pursuing his talents in other areas of creative writing. He is excited to be able to share his love of art and storytelling with a larger audience, while expanding his own horizons and understandings in the world of literature.

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