Beneath an asymmetrical moon’s
open mouth
we are Orpheus & Eurydice
naked, carnal on the banks
of Averno.
This union dares up jealous shades.

we are impervious. 
On a back-arched axis
our Aristophanes’ halves
Orion aside that great, ivory disk
they stand guard and bear witness.


Charles Clifford Brooks III: Charles Clifford Brooks III has been published in The Dead Mule, Eclectica, Gloom Cupboard, Cerebration, Underground Voices, Alba, Deep South, Zygote in My Coffee, Prick of the Spindle, Conversations, Unlikely 2.0, and The Cartier Street Review.  He is currently Poetry Editor for Literary Magic Magazine.  His poetry has been featured on the Joe Milford Poetry Show.  Charles Clifford believes every artist should join the Guerilla Poetics Project.  His first book of poetry, Whirling Metaphysics, will be published by Leaf Garden Press in 2010.

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