Part 1

Telescope eyepiece, scissors, tweezers, and a razor,
looking in as an outsider.
She fumbles with a heaping ball of Papier-mâché.
Deconstructing the world layer by layer of glue crusted newspaper—
“The Stock Market’s in a Plummet,
The University’s Coloring the Cosmos,
We Looked so Far in We Looked Out.”

The more she peels at this ball,
painted blue and green,
the farther she gets from herself.
Crocheted thoughts like threads become disjointed,
Confusion is a hot and high wind.
It ripples and rips the fibers of her mind.
The resulting sound whispers in her head,
“How many layers of reality must I peel away before arriving at the truth of it all?”

With an exhale the locket on her chest slowly descends.
Those hazy words spill through her teeth and fog the room.

The lampshade is dusty and yellow,
the mirror reads forgotten dry-erase love letters,
the books on the shelf unread,
the bed unmade,
and the door always remains locked.

Peeling and peeling through newspaper truths
the razor’s single tooth grin widens
as her fingers clinch tighter to it’s spine.

Attentive and hulking she reaches the center of the world.

* * * *

Part 2 (The Sun)

Scraps of Papier-mâché scatter the desk.
When all is lost and broken
When the serrated leaves of the dandelion are blown and dancing
When the world is pieces in your hand
The moon fades into the distance orbiting itself
and all that is left is the sun.


Marcus Christensen: Currently a sophomore at Arizona State University, Marcus Christensen was born on February 19, 1989. As a former Interdisciplinary Arts major, with an emphasis in film editing, he recently transferred, due to the loss of interest in film, from the West campus to the Main campus. After transferring he changed his major to Philosophy and declared a minor in English Literature.  Because Marcus' grandfather from his father’s side of the family, whom he never met, William Christensen, was an author he has always had a slight interest in writing. Other things Marcus enjoys are reading, film, conversations with strangers, religion, music, singing terribly around friends, new perceptions, foreign cuisine, the appreciation of everything, shadow painting, constant departure and perpetual arrival, love (in all degrees), competition, letting go of the ego, irony, and new experiences.

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