Space and Time
Len Kuntz
We met between splices of rock and moss
when the world worshipped only nature
and the sun was a shy soldier
weeping for a mate.

We were so young then,
you with your dimples and rippled laughter
that echoed from one canyon to the next
to the evergreens
to sky
and moon.
You were love, then.

Now we sit in the heat
under a striped umbrella
listening to salsa music,
sweating out gin and tonic,
speechless and trying to find
a way back
to the winter that was.

Len Kuntz

is writer from Washington State and and editor at the online literary magazine Metazen. His work appears widely in print and online, and also at Len's story collection, "I'm Not Supposed To Be Here And Neither Are You" debuts from Aqueous Books next year.

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