summer 2014                                                                                                issue 25

Tool Library, Berkeley, CA by Christopher Novak

riverbabble 25

Rafael Jesús González:
         En el espiritu de Rumi / In the Spirit of Rumi
         Porque / Why   

Karen Greenbaum-Maya:
         Robocall / Remains
         Aha: Atomic Apron

Kirk Lumpkin:
          Coyote and Atomic Energy
          Autumn in the Empire

Sheryl L. Nelms:
          Lilac Bouquets

John Oliver Simon:
          Disyunión radical Del Yo
          Forest of Arden

Felice Aull:   A Country Story

Gary Beck:   Observer

James H. Duncan:    Burning in the Freeze

Bill Gainer:    So Much Beauty

KJ Hannah Greenberg:    Babies in Buggies

Thomas Hubbard:   Cabin in the Woods

Rich Ives:   Procedure for the Construction of an Empty Dwelling

W. F. Lantry:   Ribbonwood

Doug Mathewson:    Come Spring

Christopher Mulrooney:   the foolishness factor

Edward Mycue:   PCOWUNK

Sara Luise Newman:   Sister

James B. Nicola:   Trap House

Anthony Pino:   Train

Tom Sheehan:   Uncle Jamesie Recording December's Unbroken Law

Ndaba Sibanda:   The Bird's Fate Is Not On Radar

John Swain:   Wyandotte Woods

Rosalynde Vas Dias:   Just a Bird

Joanna M. Weston:   Oh the Joys

Anne Whitehouse:   My Father's Photographs


Cynthia Benson:   Caught in the Light

Ted Chiles:   Black Mold

Chris Dungey:   The Mickey

Roger Leatherwood:   Cross-Country Thorns

Tom Sheehan:   Caitlin, Tollgate Collector

Bara Swain:   Applied Force

Flash Fiction

Chella Courington:
           The Crow
           On the Shelf

Robin Wyatt Dunn:   Confessions in Echo Park

Mary Carroll-Hackett:   Sometimes You Do Cry

Ken Poyner:   The Mandate

John Richmond:   The Sin of Forgivenesso

Garrett Rowlan:   Get This Party Started

James Shaffer:   Banditos

B.L.P. Simmons:   Conversations

Rimas Uzgiris:   Trucker


Maureen Johnson:   Planting the Music


Christopher Novak:   Tool Library, Berkeley, CA


because it was a little canarybird that came out of its little house to tell the time that Gerry MacDowell noticed the time she was there because she was as quick as anything about a thing like that, was Gerry MacDowell, and she noticed at once that that foreign gentleman that was sitting on the rocks was


                                                                    JAMES JOYCE, Ulysses, p.313. 13, 1296-1305.

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