This June the Rains

Felice Aull
Days and days of gray rain.
The broken umbrella languishing
next to a trash can, its owner
soaked and wind-beaten,
too weak to take better aim.
I watch the torn flaps thrash
in heavy gusts I hear
through leaks edging my window.

Intoxicated by so much water
tree limbs hang low, wild with leaves,
vines climb high and over the schoolyard fence,
hydrangea and rose bushes crowd each other
confined to their allotted space
next to the basketball courts.
Soon, June and the school year will end,
cede to the ovens of summer.
In mid-August heat I'll turn 75 —
an overgrowth of years.

Felice Aull

is pleased to be published for the third time in riverbabble. She began writing poetry 15 years ago when she was in her 60s. Her poetry chapbook, The Music Behind Me, was published in 2012. Recent poems are published in Off the Coast, Connecticut River Review, riverbabble, and Mom Egg Review. For many years she was full-time faculty at New York University School of Medicine and is now adjunct faculty in the Department of Medicine's Division of Medical Humanities. She lives in New York City.

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