An Afternoon Nap

Anne Whitehouse
I lay slipping into sleep
as a delicious breeze washed over me,
blown in from the sea, warmed by the land,
clear and sparkling, yet soft as a caress.

From the open window, I thought
I heard a voice calling me
“Mama!” through the green summer,
across the long years.

Sunwashed, seastruck, windswept,
Sunstruck, seaswept, windwashed,
Sunswept, seawashed, windstruck.

In contentment I lay, not wanting to rouse,
in delicious reverie, as if drunk from lovemaking,
languorous and mellow, ready for the fall.

Suzanne Nielsen

is pleased to appear in riverbabble once again. She was born and grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, and graduated from Harvard College and Columbia University. Her poetry collections include The Surveyor’s (1981), Blessings and Curses (2009), Bear in Mind (2010), One Sunday Morning (2011), and The Refrain (2012). Whitehouse is also the author of a novel, Fall Love (2001), which will appear in Spanish translation as Amigos y amantes in 2015. Her poems, short stories, feature articles, and reviews have been published in many literary magazines.

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