Mill Town

Felice Aull
Low and long
red brick buildings
of dull color
strung along
an empty road
and flanking the river
tall windows
all dark
puncture the walls
in sober rows
this mill town
once pulsating
now converted
artist studios
empty rooms
not even ghosts
faded buildings
cling to the river
that drove industry
and still winds
green and foaming
through the valley
I want to follow the river
run away from
converted mill towns
they remind me
of my body
a waning remnant
searching for new uses

Felice Aull is pleased to be published again in riverbabble. She began writing poetry 15 years ago when she was in her 60s. Her poetry chapbook, The Music Behind Me, was published in 2012. Recent poems are published in Mom Egg Review, Off the Coast, Connecticut River Review, and Literature Today. For many years she was full-time faculty at New York University School of Medicine and is now adjunct faculty in the Department of Medicine's Division of Medical Humanities. She lives in New York City.

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