To get to her

Babo Kamel

I'd have to walk by hundreds
of other names etched into the rippled veins
of black and white marble

to place my palm-warmed pebble
on her stone, I'd have to stand
heels sinking into the mud

and what good would it do
to look down and wonder
if the ground ever gives up

To get to her
I'd have to make death familiar–

something that begins
on the roof of the mouth

and ends with tongue
between the teeth 


Babo Kamel's,

poems have appeared in literary reviews in the US, Australia, and Canada. Some of these include Painted Bride Quarterly, Abyss & Apex, The Greensboro Review, Alligator Juniper, The Grolier Poetry Prize, Contemporary Verse 2, Rust +Moth, and Mobius, a Journal of Social Change, San Pedro River Riview and 2River Review. She was a winner of The Charlotte Newberger Poetry Prize and is a pushcart nominee. She has work forthcoming in Pantheon Magazine, Redactions Poetry & Poetics, Mizmor L'David Anthology, The Inflectionist Review, Lines+Stars, Origins, and dreams&nightmares

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