SUMMER 2017                                                                                                                              issue 31

Brown Eyed Girl by Mitchell Toews

riverbabble 31
Bloomsday Issue


Lin Nelson Benedek:
          Dear River Merchant's Wife
         Crossing the River at Prairie du Chien

Dennis J. Bernstein:
           Crossing That Final River
           Peace Treaties

Rafael Jesús González:
          La luna alumbra pero no calienta / The Moon Lights but Does Not Warm
          Para sacerdotes de Xochipilli difuntos / For Deceased Priests of Xochipilli

Matthew Harrison:
           A child in Oporto
           Wanchai Post Office

Deborah Dashow Ruth:
           Fire Blight
           The Hard Day

John Oliver Simon:
           If What

Anne Whitehouse:
          The Last Swim of Summer

Dee Allen.:    Skeletal Black 2

Mikki Aronoff:    Through the Window, Birds

Felice Aull:    At the Frick Museum

Wendy Bourke:    a pebble on the riverbed

Andrew R. Crow:    Marilyn, alone

Juan Domingo:    Having a Smoke with Quetzalcoatl in the Garden

Roberta Gould:    My Chinese Teacher

Majel Haugh:    Neighbor

Ed Higgins:    Under the Eaves

Glenn Ingersoll:    Six Haiku

Maureen Brady Johnson:    Rescuing Beauty

Babo Kamel    To get to her

Blake Kilgore:    Dead Decades

Megan Merchant:    Disappearing in Three Acts

David P. Miller:    Before Anything

James B. Nicola:    When the Pebbles Moved

Marjorie Power:    Potholes

Ruth Sabath Rosenthal:    I Too, Am One Acquainted with the Night

Karen Shepherd:    Unrequited

John Swain:    Before the Flame

Larry D. Thacker:    I worry a little

Phibby Venable:    Samuel


Lester L. Weil:
          Dead Man's Clothes

Robin Wyatt Dunn:    The secret to smoking

M. A. Istvan, Jr.:    Fear and Indolence in 2006

John Laneri:    A Walk Through the Forest

Larry Lefkowitz:    A Minyan of One and a Third

Ken Poyner:    Between Seasons

Mitchell Toews:    The Margin of the River

Flash Fiction

Leah Holbrook Sackett:
          Chess Match
          The Bridge to Gratitude

Roy Dorman:    The Valued Customer

Tania Moore:    Fairway

Anthony Rubino:    R. McTodd, Poet


Edward Mycue:    Turtle All the Way Down

Jim Ross:    The Constipated Mathematician


Brown Eyed Girl by Mitchell Toews

Grey horror seared his flesh. Folding the page into his pocket he turned into Eccles street, hurrying homeward. Cold oils slid along his vein chilling his blood: age crusting him with a salt cloak. Well, I am here now. Yes, I am here now. Morning mouth bad images. Got up wrong side of the bed. Must begin again those Sandow's exercises. On the hands down. Blotchy brown brick houses. Number eighty still unlet. Why is that? Valuation is only twenty-eight. Towers, Battersby, North, MacArthur: parlour windows plastered with bills. Plasters on a sore eye. To smell the gentle smoke of tea, fume of the pan, sizzling butter. Be near her ample bedwarmed flesh. Yes, yes.

                                                        JAMES JOYCE, Ulysses, Calypso, 2734-2743.

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