You Win Again

Jon Sindell
Oh, yes, youíre†sooo perfect, everyoneís favorite. Itís all I ever hear.
Well let me tell you something. I see behind those gorgeous eyes.
The hardness. The selfishness. The calculating mentality of a user.†
Because I do the cleaning. The yard work. The cooking.
Oh, donít turn your poor suffering-martyrí look on me! Itís manipulative as hellóand itís not gonna work!
You know what would work? If just once youíd get mad at me! But youíre too good for that.†
I mean itódonít stare like that! You know I canít take it!†
Alright! You win! You win again.
Letís hug it out.†
That feels so good.†
Why do we fight, babe? Forget what I said. I love you so much.†
Now get your leash and letís go for a walk.††
Jon Sindell, wrote the story collections The Roadkill Collection and Family Happiness. His humor has appeared in The Big Jewel, Thrice Quarterly, Feathertale, Hobart, and The Higgs-Weldon, and before captive audiences in living rooms everywhere. Much of his writing hides in plain sight at

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