A Knockout Babe

Bruce Bagnell

A wind
blows sea smells up Montgomery Street
through the forest of granite faces,
a million aloof window eyes staring out
at weaving streets of buses and bikes,
cable cars and walkers,
glass towers mirroring themselves
into a funhouse of wavy buildings
against the moist blue sky of San Francisco,
Feng Shui lost in the depths
of this top-heavy city torn from rocks and mud,
gold and plunder,
this icon,
this Babylon torn down to noir street level,
this bawdy saloon filthy rich between the cracks,
a magnificent fun-tower reborn,
a memoir written with new pages every day –
a bejeweled falcon,
a knockout babe
to be loved with Sam Spade’s cynical eyes
– San Francisco,
let’s have a drink,
the past is pooled in a beer spill on the bar
into which I besottedly stare –
to see your glass eyes twinkle smiling over what it was
– while I wonder what will be –
the comedians of hope are standing shaky
on the stage of tomorrow
and a wind blows sea smells up Montgomery Street.



Bruce Bagnell, has worked as a cook, mechanic, and college professor; held various management positions including running a car dealership; and was a USAF captain in Vietnam. Now retired, along with writing, he is a Poetry Express Berkeley host. He has been published in OmniVerse, The Scribbler, The Round, Blue Lake Review, Crack the Spine, Chaparrel, Oxford Magazine, Diverse Voices Quarterly, Studio1, Westview Magazine, Zone 3, the Griffin, The Burningwood Literary Journal, Poetalk, Tower Journal, Glassworks Magazine, The Alembic, Juked, and The Cape Rock among other publications or online postings. His full-length poetry book, The Self-Expression Spa, from Sugartown Publishing, was published in 2017.

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