The Minutemen

Wayne F. Burke

the varsity needed a defensive back
and I was sent 
from the freshman team
to the varsity scrimmage
the first play a screen pass
I read
and ran in
intercepted the ball
I felt pretty good
about myself
the head coach
up in his tower
high above
bellowed at the quarterback
"do not throw it if it is not open!"
I got into position
at corner-back
the split end a guy only a little bigger
than me
he ran past
like a bullet
and caught a touchdown pass
in front of me
and on the next play
he did the same
I ate his dust
pass after pass
like he and the quarterback
were playing catch
I heard the coach ask
"who is that out there?"
meaning me;
there was no place to hide
to disappear
the end zone not dark enough
I ran back to the freshman
only a shadow
of myself.



Wayne F. Burke's, poetry has appeared in a wide variety of publications online and in print (including riverbabble). He has published four full-length poetry collections with Bareback Press and one with Alien Buddha Press, also two chapbooks with Epic Rites Press. He lives in the central Vermont area, USA.

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