Jeannette DesBoine

i like the way she pulls image thru a sieve ... priming the pump on vision until it is naked and unrelenting.  it is what it is ... or it is what you see.  she leaves windows open but closes doors.   there is no escape from reality created by pure energy ... spiritual energy ... energy that rests deep within recesses filled with color reinforced by pride.  she won't bend.  she won't break.  she stills the air by choice and waves goodbye at doubt.  not everyone flashes back on their own dreams ... so she collects unattended dreams ... harnesses their spark and fetters that spark to every blinding flash of light.  she clears runways and drops imagery from bellicose skies.  stars darken at the wink of a third eye ... and as quick as she appeared ... she has gone ... leaving the genius of manipulated perspective swooning in her wake.             


Jeannette DesBoine, (preferably known as J.D.) admits to being "possessed by the love of words and haunted by the spirit of the printed page." The University of Texas @ El Paso alumna describes herself as English teacher by education, writer by definition, and poet impassioned by theatre and spoken word. Her journey into the art of writing began as newspaper reporter (Peninsula Bulletin, Palo Alto, CA) and T.V. talk show host (Tri-City Features, Fremont, CA). Many accolades later, her claim to fame is

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