Naomi Lowinsky

  You have made arrangements
to give yourself away 
   your tangled brain
to science

   Your ninety–seven year old parts
to anyone 
  who can use them   the rest
goes into the fire

  the Holy Fire

  in one fell swoop
your youngest son pulls 
  the lever     Sees you
thumbing your nose

  at Hitler
     Look how long   how well
I lived    and when I was ready
it was I    who chose 
                  the fire



Naomi Lowinsky, won the Blue Light Poetry Prize for her chapbook, The Little House on Stilts Remembers. Her fourth full length collection, The Faust Woman Poems, trace one woman’s Faustian adventures through Women’s Liberation and the return of the Goddess. A new collection of essays, The Rabbi, the Goddess and Jung: Getting the Word from Within was rercently published.

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