Spicoli's Ghost

Matt McGee

Pretty sure you’ve never been in this pool,
but you know it as part of America’s canon.

In this empty green hole, closed due to drought
once swam Stacy, Rattner, Mike Damone

and Phoebe Cates in one of America’s most inspiring
topless scenes, thanks to a sunny California day

and a soundtrack by The Cars.

You can find the film here and there on DVD,
VHS if you look hard enough and have a player,

but here at the house two blocks off Kittner in south Canoga
you can swim with Stacy’s ghost, just waiting for Rattner

and his selfish buddy to peek their eyes over the fence boards,
visitors from another era wishing to return, towels in hand,

an AMC Gremlin parked at the curb.

The wheels of skaters have scarred the pool’s walls,
and elm leaves mostly fill its basin. But the spirit is here,

and you’ll know you’re in the right place by the slow moving tourists
who roll along the street, point, hold up iPhones, take selfies

the home’s frontage circulated again via Instagram and Facebook;
the owners have never worried enough to hire security,

knowing they’re protected forever by Spicoli’s ghost.


Matt McGee, writes short fiction & narrative poetry in the Los Angeles area. In 2018, his stories ‘A Day in the Life of a Favor Saver’ and ‘Schneider’s Last Stand’ appeared in Grey Wolfe Press’ Legends anthology, ‘The Flaming Tadpoles’ will appear in the UK-based Painted Words anthology in June and his first romance novel Wildwood Mountain is slated to be released on June 24th. When not typing, he’s driving around in a vintage Mazda or playing goalie in local hockey leagues.

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