New-Found Fire--slake(n) / slack(Ďn)

Edward Mycue

Donít slacken or falter. Go one more time.
There are lights in the water.
The world, swiveling, is perpetually pink in vigor.
Glow like a shiney bear.
If you have to go out, go out swinging.
Palm-oil, contrary tides,
roses in December, remember.
Try laughing at cooks, at path, at short journeys.
The sun is an arc-lamp.
Stop and youíre dead.† So go out with a bang.
Take a lot with you.
Take a lifetime. In this crescent of hope thatís the rainbow.
Live hard enough now to
leave some lights in the water.† Flourish now like the
blood-marked clover. †Victoryís in living now.
Itís the best of all things
and itís there in the center.† Let the lords of the lyre
sing for the pleasure of strangers.
I sing for your familiar friends and a new-found fire.



Edward Mycue, once taught government courses. I am gay, in 1970 joining the Gay Liberation movement. I was in the Ghana I Peace Corps group and went to Ghana 1961 as a high school teacher. Much of my latter working life was bookselling. Born 1937, now 84, retired 9 years. Busy being old. My poems have appeared in books in USA, UK, AUSTRALIA with many have artwork by Richard Steger with whom I was part of an art exhibition at the di Rosa site in Napa 10 yrs ago. I'm 2nd of 7 children of John and Ruth (known as a poet as Ruth Taylor) Mycue, all of us, mom & dad too, born in Niagara Falls, NY. We moved to Dallas, TX in 1948.

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