Anne Paterson

Donít strip away my dignity just because Iím not as I once was
That Iím not as you remember me
Or what you want me to be again
My mind and body have changed-not as I would have liked
It has left me with the simple tasks of life to occupy my day
But the heavy stuff, the juicy sink-your-teeth-into-stuff, it stole away
My memory fails and I tire easily, but Iíve adjusted for that
New and old technology has solved this for me
Pen and paper, Google Assistant and Outlook
Theyíre my battery backup, my memory hub, if you will
No need to treat me like a child who is seen and not heard
Visible to the naked eye but invisible, deaf to the ear
And please donít treat me like man's best friend
Where Iím told what to do, when to do it and where
Iím still here, Iím still the same as before
My body is still in its physical form, my spirit still intact
I may not be able to do or say all the things I have in the past
But I haven't gone anywhere,
Iím right here
Iím still me and have my dignity



Anne Paterson, hails from White Rock, BC. Her inspiration comes from the anxiety and depression her medications and surgeries have brought upon her during her ongoing battle with Epilepsy. Throughout her ordeal she has been advocating for changes in her Province for better treatment options for this chronic illness and improved services within the Mental Health system. Thanks to the urging of d. n. simmers, Dignity is her first work to be published.

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