Gregory Owen Pearse

There's a nascent tree nearby
ABradford Pear

Even in full bloom
It's branches are mostly bare

It struggles to grow even a single leaf

Selflessly, it lends a lower branch
Where hangs a small birdhouse
Currently occupied

Some say to cut the tree down
And start over

I say the roots are already firm
And one day you will see
The blossoming
of good seed



Gregory Owen Pearse, was born in Queens, NY. He received his education at Rice University, where he studied music and cinema and married Russian-born organist Maria Moshinskaya. His films have shown at festivals around the world, and his website at has become quite popular over the years with art-film buffs and truth-seekers. Hes presently hard at work on developing a pilot for television but still finds time to rekindle the flames of his first love: poetry.

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