Failed Reunion

Anita S. Pulier

Picture this..two teenagers
whose high school survival
depends on each other

fall out of touch,
let years pass before

but before they meet
someone posts a message
with the word accident, the word died.

Now, daily I see her everywhere,
in the diner,
in the concert hall,

in the market,
bouncing that head of ruler straight blond hair
that crooked smile,

which is how I knew her at 17
how I will know her forever,
which as it turns out
is not all that long.



Anita S. Pulier, For years, raced from a New Jersey tennis court at 7 am to a legal court in NJ or Manhattan or to her Brooklyn law office. The most poetic writing she encountered was not hers but that of an adversary who wrote, “The plaintiff’s argument holds no fruit.” Happily, when she retired she traded legal writing for poetry. Anita’s poems have been published in many journals and in four anthologies as well as her three poetry chapbooks and her book The Butcher’s Diamond.

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