This is a Picture

Anita Sagastegui

This is a Picture   This is a picture
Thinning memory of ink and paper
a distant scene reduced to a glossy 4x6
that’s fading

Thinning memory of ink and paper
what now-quieted desires stirred
behind the faces gathered here?
smiling with a once fresh camaraderie
that wavered

What now-quieted desires bloomed at all?
Nights like this one
Pouring of wine, playing of music
Lively conversation
Now a meager few inches of dull echoes

Nights like this one
Who was meant to remember?
The things that made us laugh
The stairs we had to climb
The scent of aging cities
The misted rain that always clung
I looked at you and we kept it secret

Who was meant to remember?
This is a picture of ink and memory
of a night among new friends
we were others on purpose—expatriates—
not our furniture, not our flat
all was borrowed but the time
that was ours
This is a picture


Anita Sagastegui, is a fine arts photographer whose work is guided by a sense of play and curiosity. In addition to practicing photography, Anita is an arts educator (K-8th) with an MA Art Education. An advocate for the arts, Anita also serves on the Walnut Creek Arts Commission. Anita also translates literature from Spanish and French into English, and tries to write a poem a day. She lives in Walnut Creek, California, with her family.

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