Coquelicot / Poppy

Anita Sagastegui

          à Jacques Prévert

Voici la porte
par laquelle il est entré

Voici la tasse du café
qu’il n’a presque pas gouté

Voici la vase avec le coquelicot
qu’il a longtemps regardé

Écoute l’écho de ce « non »
qu’il a finalement prononcé

Voici la rue
sur laquelle je l’ai perdu de vu

Voici le pull qu’il a oublié
laissé sur la chaise
comme un drapeau
qui signale son territoire


          for Jacques Prévert

Here is the door
through which he entered

Here is the cup of coffee
he barely tasted

Here is the vase with the poppy
he gazed at for so long

Listen to the echo of that “no”
he eventually uttered

Here is the street
where I lost sight of him

Here is the sweater he forgot
draped over the chair
like a flag
marking its territory



Anita Sagastegui, is a fine arts photographer whose work is guided by a sense of play and curiosity. In addition to practicing photography, Anita is an arts educator (K-8th) with an MA Art Education. An advocate for the arts, Anita also serves on the Walnut Creek Arts Commission. Anita also translates literature from Spanish and French into English, and tries to write a poem a day. She lives in Walnut Creek, California, with her family.

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