News from the Big Island

Sandra Storey

I thought I could go back,
wanted to believe I could
any time regain my grasp.

That day we hiked to Kapoloa Falls
the four of you held hands
to drag me from the steep green cliff
where I clung to roots and vines
after slipping from the path—

An earthquake, you say
has heaved and split the trail,
ending human access.
Cassy and Jude both moved
to the mainland, and you
lost track of them a while back.



Sandra Storey, is the author of the poetry collection, Every State Has Its Own Light (Word Poetry, 2014), a finalist for the May Swenson Poetry Award. Her poetry has appeared in New Millennium Writings, THEMA and the New York Quarterly, among other journals. Sandee was founder, editor and publisher of two bilingual Boston neighborhood newspapers for 20 years. She is a member of the collaborative workshop Jamaica Pond Poets and is co-director of Chapter and Verse Literary Reading Series. She leads poetry workshops where a different “poetic idea” is the focus each week.

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