Rescuing the Bee

Ken Weisner

You came in through a door crack
seeking warmth? some exotic smell
or current you rode in on…

next thing scuttling all morning
looking out, determined

to find a way back
through mystery and light
to the familiar air.

Sleepy mumbler,
deity has arrived
covering you now

in thick, translucent
water glass,

just say after me:
This is the whale.
I'm Jonah.

This is the whale.
I'm Jonah.

Stay with me now.

We're floating
together toward
an open door.



Ken Weisner, enjoys his day job teaching at De Anza College where he advises and edits Red Wheelbarrow. He also coordinates with Poetry Center San José the Red Wheelbarrow Poetry Prize—this year’s judge, Naomi Shihab Nye. Ken has published two volumes of poetry with Hummingbird Press, including Anything on Earth (2010). Ken’s past includes the Santa Cruz Brass Quintet, a decent glove, opposite-field hitting, a sidearm curveball, very cool sons, and brilliant daughters-in-law. Recent work appears in Perfume River Poetry Review, Catamaran, Nine Mile, Porter Gulch Review, and Phren-Z. Ken also teaches poetry writing at Salinas Valley State Prison.

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